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A break from running + A day off

The weekends always seem to fly by so fast for me! It was a busy weekend since I was up in PA this weekend celebrating my friend and attending her bridal shower. I was glad for an extra day off from work today!

My morning began with a mug of hot coffee. I’ve started to love being up early in the morning- there is something so quiet and peaceful about the morning to me. It’s the perfect time to relax before the busyness of the day ensues, or get things done and out of the way.

1-20-14 023

As you may have noticed, I like to run (a lot!) I have been trying to increase my mileage each week, so I was a little sore this weekend. A sore runner + 4 inch heels = not one of my better ideas…

January 2014 022

I love these boots though! Long story short, I tripped down the stairs this weekend and twisted my ankle a little, so I will be taking a break from running for a few days. (I wish I had a better story than that, but unfortunately I don’t!) I tried to tell myself that it was fine, but I woke up the next morning and it was pretty swollen. I’ll have to make myself take a couple days off or it won’t heal and will only end up hurting more later. A friend sent me this picture though, which I thought was perfect!! I know all the runners out there will understand Smile

1-20-14 046

After getting a few things done around the house, I spent some time reading a book that I’ll be using with my students soon. It’s called “The Twits,” by Roald Dahl. He is a wonderful children’s author and his entertaining stories keep kids engaged the whole way through. This particular story is about a couple who is always trying to trick each other- my students will love the silly pranks they describe, and I can’t wait to read it with them. After a productive morning, I was ready for lunch! Lately, my go-to food has been yogurt. I can’t seem to get enough! I usually buy Chobani Greek yogurt, because of the extra protein it offers. Since I am mostly a vegetarian (I say mostly because I do eat chicken every now and then, but that’s it), I am always looking for ways to incorporate more protein into my diet. Today I had a yogurt parfait, made with vanilla yogurt, topped with strawberries and mango chunks, and sprinkled with low-fat granola. So good!

1-20-14 064

I also spent some time experimenting with this curling iron. My hair is naturally wavy, so I either leave it that way or straighten it, but I’ve been loving this curling iron lately! It doesn’t have a clamp on it like usual curling irons, but I like this added feature- it produces much more smooth curls than other irons do and doesn’t let flyaway hairs get tangled or pulled.

1-20-14 029

I’ll leave you with a tip I recently discovered- for all my peanut butter lovers out there! If you buy Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter, you know that you need to stir the oils on the top in before enjoying it. I don’t know about you, but this can get a little messy when I try to mix it up! If you turn the jar upside down and let the oil settle to the bottom, when you flip it over and mix everything up, your life will be ten times easier and you will eliminate the mess! 1-20-14 065

I’m off to get ready for school tomorrow and ice my ankle while the Bachelor is on! Tomorrow might turn into a snow day, though… we’ll see! Enjoy your night!

Questions of the Day

  • Have you ever experienced a running injury? How did you deal with it?
  • What is one thing you’re loving lately?

4 thoughts on “A break from running + A day off

  1. I made my own yogurt for the first time last week! It was oh-so-much cheaper than store yogurt (and healthier… and no sugar at all so I could add my own fruit or sweetener). It was also super easy so I plan to make it often.

    1. I used the recipe from the book Make the Bread, Buy the Butter. Basically, you just heat a 1/2 gallon of whole milk until it is just below a boil. Then let it cool until you can hold your finger in it for 10 seconds yet still feel some heat. Stir in 1/4 cup of plain yogurt or yogurt starter. (After the first time, you can just save some of your homemade yogurt to use in this step.) Then let it sit overnight in a warm place. (I preheated my oven to 200, then turned it off before putting the yogurt in). By morning, you have a bowl of yogurt! If you like thicker yogurt, the recipe says you can use a cheese cloth to drain out the whey, but I was happy with what I had.

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