And they lived happily ever after

This weekend I headed to PA for a bridal shower and bachlorette party for one of my closest friends and roommate from college. It was great to see these wonderful ladies again and spend some time with them!

I drove up early on Saturday morning, which turned out well because there really wasn’t any traffic that early in the day. Once I arrived, I spent some time chatting and catching up with my girls before the bridal shower began. The bridesmaids started the shower with a few games to break the ice, mixing the rest of the games in throughout the shower. I thought this was a great idea and loved the activities that they came up with! One of my favorites was called “He said, She said.” Different statements were written, and you had to read each one and guess whether the bride or groom had said it. I’ve known both of them since my freshman year in college, so I got most of them right! If anyone is looking for bridal shower games, you can find this one on Pinterest.




Other games we played included the classic “What’s in your purse?” and “How well do you know the bride?”






I always think I know my friends pretty well until I take one of these “How well do you know…” questionnaires! For the “What’s in your purse?” game, everyone had to check off anything they had in their purse from the list above. I actually was in 2nd place for this one! (Probably because my purse was more like a tote bag, so I found all kinds of fun things… socks, a flash drive, perfume…)

1-20-14 055

The bride and groom love Disney- one of the traditions they have with their family is to go every summer, so the bride’s sister made these adorable cupcakes for the shower!

1-20-14 061

It was such a fun day and the bridesmaids did a great job of putting everything together. That night, we headed out to continue the fun with a bachelorette party. I enjoyed spending the day with such a wonderful group of ladies!



Question of the Day:

  • What is your favorite bridal shower game?

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