You know you’re a runner when…

The following is a compilation of things I’ve either thought of as a runner, heard other runners say, or seen on Pinterest. I always find these funny (true too, though!) so thought you might enjoy them as well!

  • 1-25-14 010No matter where you are going, your suitcase looks like this—>
  • Someone asks you how your week was and you respond with a number of miles
  • You stay up to do laundry at 10pm so that your running clothes are clean for the next morning
  • Some of your best ideas come to you while you are running
  • You can shop for hours and not find anything to buy, but within 5 minutes of walking into Dick’s or an Under Armour store, your credit card is out and your arms are full of workout clothes to buy. I know these polka-dot Nike running capris will make me run faster! Not that I’ve ever said that…
  • You see someone running while you are driving somewhere, and are suddenly compelled to come to a screeching halt, jump out of your car, and start running with them
  • When someone asks you how your run was or how far you went, and the words just or only precede your answer (Oh, it was an easy day! I just did 5 miles… you know, have to rest up for the half marathon this weekend! As the other person looks at you like you have lost your mind…)
  • Your first thought after looking at the weather report is how it is going to affect your weekly runs
  • You categorize your friends as “running friends” and “the others”
  • You get excited about new Luna or Cliff protein bar flavors- just found this one –>1-25-14-006_thumb.jpg
  • You run up and down a street several times to get that last .2 miles in on your Garmin- all the while hoping your neighbors don’t think you’re too crazy… I just need my watch to change to 8.00 miles so I can be done!
  • You hear a song and download it on iTunes right away to add it to your running playlist- this upbeat song will be perfect for my tempo runs!
  • You have a column in your budget for “race entries”
  • You have more patience running on the treadmill for an hour than waiting for 5 minutes in line
  • You respond to any crisis or hard day by just “going for a run”
  • You plan your gym workouts for the week ahead of time…1-25-14-007_thumb.jpg
  • … And then record them when you are done!complete-runners-day-by-day-log-2014-desk-diary_thumb.jpg
  • You can’t stay out late on Saturday night because your long run is the next day
  • You go to the gym more than once in a day (Have to get that spin class in at 5:30 before work! But then Body Pump is this afternoon… you can see how it could happen.)
  • Someone says, “You’re crazy” and you take it as a compliment
  • All your running clothes don’t fit in one drawer
  • You see a mile marker sign on the highway and think, “I could run that!”
  • Your running shoes are the most expensive pair of shoes you own
  • You sleep on the couch because you’re too tired after a long run or race to walk upstairs to go to bed (a runner just told me he did this tonight!)
  • Your hair looks like you just took a shower after a hard run
  • When a foam roller is your airport carry-on foam roller
  • At any second, you know how many miles you’ve run on your current pair of running shoes, but have no idea how many are on your car
  • You open your purse and find a banana and a Luna bar
  • You finish a run and are already thinking about your next run
  • After a race, you go home and sign up for another (runner’s high!)
  • When you hear the word “bib,” your mind goes immediately to a race number, not a baby
  • The new “Runner’s World” magazine is the first piece of mail you look at
  • Your day isn’t complete unless you get a run in
  • At least one of your email addresses or passwords has the word “running, “runner,” or “run” in it
  • You’ve ever tried to “beat” the person on the treadmill next to you
  • At least one of your Facebook status updates in the last week has involved running
  • It bothers you when people call other races marathons- “Didn’t you hear, she’s a marathon runner now? She did a 5K last weekend and everything!” No. No, no, no. A 5K is only 3.1 miles, a marathon is 26.2 miles. (notice how I wrote “only” 3.1 miles without even realizing it…)

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite running mantra? Feel free to share other ones you have heard with us!


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