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Hey there! Hope your week is off to a great start!

I’m typing up this blog post while catching up on the Bachelor from last night… and icing my ankle, and sitting with a heating pad on my back…  #the life of a runner! Any Bachelor fans out there?? I’ve been watching it for a few seasons now. I definitely have liked some of the past seasons more than this one… but I still get sucked in and have to find out what happens!

Usually Mondays speed by for me, but yesterday it seemed to go by sooo slowly. I don’t know about you, but something about rainy days always make me tired! I felt exhausted all day, so I decided to just take it easy and skip the gym. I’m not the best at the whole “listen to your body” rule, taking a day off when you feel extra tired, but I’m trying to get better at that. You know you’re there a lot when someone texts you in the middle of a class at the gym to check if you’re ok since you are usually there every day Smile


I recently read the article “Screw Up- Like a Pro!” in the March 2014 edition of Runner’s World, which made me stop and think about the importance of taking days off, listening to your body, and making time to stretch and cool down before and after a workout. I had to laugh while I was reading the article because I realized that I tend to do most of the things it was suggesting that you shouldn’t!

Example #1—> “Stick to the plan”- My training schedule says to take an easy day and run 3 miles, but I’m feeling good, so I can go to 7 or 8 right? This is so me! I love writing a to-do list, sticking to it, and checking things off when I’m done. If I write “run 5 miles at an 8:30 pace,” then I have a hard time realizing I might need to do less or slow down partway through if I’m really tired.

Example #2—> “Mileage is everything”- Again, I can relate very well to this one! I keep track of my workouts because I like to look back and see how hard I’ve worked, or remember what I have done on different days. I don’t know what it is, but there is something about writing down the total number of miles I ran each week. It’s like I think I have to “beat” my previous week’s record. Your mileage each week represents how hard you worked, so yes, you should be proud of it! But in the end, it’s just a number. I have to ask myself, “does it really matter if last week I ran 26 miles, and this week I ran 23?” No, my friends, it does not. Of course I’m not saying to not push yourself! But I am working on being intentional with my workouts and not just reaching for a magic number each week.

Example #3—> “I like to run, and I want to get better, so why would I take a day off?” I love that quote in the article! This is exactly how I think sometimes… If I could run today and have time, why would I not?! Well, I am definitely learning about the importance of rest, days off, and balancing lighter workouts with more intense ones. When I twisted my ankle a few weeks ago, I rested for a few days, and tried to run again pretty soon after. I think this actually made it worse! I have to remind myself constantly it might be better to skip that last mile of my workout and spend some time stretching. You don’t need to do it all. Remember to take rest days too- otherwise you could end up injuring yourself in the end.

The article provided several other examples of things (not) to do to get injured; these were just the ones that I could relate to the most. It was a great reminder to me to stay intentional with my workouts. Check out the rest of the article online at Runner’s World!

My day started nice and early today at 5:15. I am loving this new kind of coffee- when I can smell it brewing all the way from my room, it makes it a little easier to get up!

2-4-14 014


Most of the day today seemed to fly by, so no complaints here! I had a great time working with my students today. Some days, the students love the lesson you have planned and understand your lesson objective right away. Those are the best kinds of days! But at other times, it can be hard to find ways to reach all of the learners in the classroom- all students learn in different and unique ways, so I have to be creative in finding ways to meet each one of their needs. Though students’ modalities of learning may be different, this picture always holds true . You might need to get creative to connect with all of your students, but it all starts with the same thing: a smile. My students make me laugh each day though- I always say I need to write a blog post on all of the things that kids say. Watch for one soon in the future!

Something else I am loving lately: yogurt and fruit! Blog reader Kristen shared that she makes her own yogurt at home- since I eat yogurt occasionally like it’s my job, this is definitely something I want to try out. (This is a picture from earlier in the year, but the yogurt bowl I assembled for lunch today looked pretty similar). This not only tastes delicious, but is effortless to prepare as well, making my mornings a little easier. Who doesn’t like to save time in the mornings??

December 2013 091

After work today, it was time to get back to the gym. On the agenda for today: biking a few miles before taking a “Pump and Tone” and Spin class. I typically take Body Pump classes, so trying something new was a nice change. Towards the beginning the instructor said, “Your heart rate should be starting to increase by now” –> starting to increase?? It’s a possibility I’ll need cpr any minute second.

2-4-14 013

Spin used to be a regular part of my gym routine, but since I have been running so much lately, I haven’t taken a Spin class in forever…. so I thought I would try it out again today. I wanted to get a good workout in today, and this class definitely didn’t disappoint! By the end of the class, there may or may not have been mascara all over my face and a pile of sweat on the floor by my bike. The instructor used lots of high-energy music to keep our motivation high and energy flowing the whole time. She focused on working through several intervals, each time increasing our resistance. This is a great way to build up endurance, which will make me a stronger runner, so I’ll definitely be adding more Spin classes to my workouts in the future! Have you ever taken a Spin class? Love it or hate it??

I’m off to get some rest in before another busy day at school- Enjoy your night!


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