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Weekend recap + a trip to Italy

Happy weekend!! Any fun weekend plans out there?

After having so many snow days, this week of actually teaching felt like forever. Oh heeey five day work week! I’m not sure if it is just from being back at school with all the kids, but I somehow managed to get sick again… I have the immune system of a fly over here, apparently. Which makes no sense because I do eat pretty healthy and work out frequently. When my mom first started running, I remember her saying she thought she wouldn’t get sick anymore, that running was an end-all, cure-all thing. She quickly learned that it was not… runners get sick too! But still- between being sick, resting my ankle, and trying to figure out this piriformis muscle soreness, I’m ready to move on. I am going to the doctor tomorrow so hopefully I will be back to running again soon!

I did go to a Body Pump class at my gym on Saturday morning. It wasn’t as crowded as it has been the last few weeks, but it was still pretty packed. The weights started off like this at the beginning of the class…

1-25-14 005

and looked like this after everyone came in!! The classes on Saturday mornings the past month have been PACKED. Some days there have actually been no weights left by the time everyone comes in. Well, it’s the beginning of February- surveys show that most resolutions only last until the end of January, so we’ll see if this trend continues at the gym or not!

1-25-14 002

It felt good to get out and do something though. My mom left me a note saying to rest, so naturally I laced up my running shoes and headed out! I tried to go a little lighter on the weights this time and focus more on my form, instead of having the mindset, “How much weight can I possibly fit on this bar?” I was surprised at what a difference that made- having the right form makes a huge difference! It’s better to do the exercises correctly and really target certain muscle groups, rather than lifting your maximum weight and not being able to squat as deeply, or maintain proper form all the way through. After Body Pump, I headed to the local coffee shop next door for a little caffeine. I am loving this new coffee shop right next to the gym! Of course this caught my eye while I was waiting in line.

2-8-14 021

Nutella Peanut Butter Brownie? Sign me up!!

2-8-14 018

I knew it was a necessary part of my morning as soon as I saw the word “nutella.” Perfect post-workout treat! Side note: If you are a nutella lover like me but don’t love the high-sugar content it comes with, try this Dark Chocolate Almond Butter from Oh She Glows. It’s perfect for spreading on bagels or toast, dipping apple slices into, or my personal favorite, just eating from the jar with a spoon. So, so good.

The rest of my afternoon will be spent working on an application for teaching in Italy this summer! I’ve been working on this for the past couple of weeks, but haven’t mentioned it yet because I wasn’t definitely sure if I was going to apply or not. This international teaching program is through ACLE (Associazione Culturale Linguistica Educational). This organization offers engaging summer camps for Italian children, allowing them to acquire the English language in a fun way. Games, songs, and activities are used to teach English to the children during each two week camp. If you are interested in learning more, check it out here! I think this sounds like a great opportunity to travel and see another part of the world (besides Canada, I’ve never been outside of the U.S.) and spend time with children, doing what I love. The experience also sounds a little intimidating, though. What if the children can’t understand me? What if I get lost while I’m there? (We’re talking about the girl who manages to get lost while using a GPS. Sometimes you just can’t tell where those arrows are pointing…) What if I can’t communicate with the people in Italy? What if, what if, what if? As the doubts filled my mind last night, I had to stop and intentionally change my focus. What if I love it? What if I have an amazing summer in Italy, get to know people from all over the world, and gain teaching experience?

I love the quote, “If it scares you, then it might be a good thing to try.” I don’t want to miss out on something great just because it might be hard. Despite my doubts, I have been working on the application for a couple of weeks now, filling out information here and there when I had time. The application requires my resume to be in a European format, which is very different from how I am used to setting up my resume! The questions include things like, “Describe your artistic competencies and when they were acquired.” Oh, this one will be easy… because I don’t have any artistic abilities and am still waiting on them to arrive!! People always tell me that I am artistic, but I’m not buying it so far. My art abilities involve drawing a stick figure for the game Hangman, and a heart or sun, maybe a flower if it’s a good day. But my favorite education professor in college always told me, “You don’t need to be creative, just resourceful.” I knew I liked Pinterest for a reason!

The resume has been the most challenging part of the application for me. Once I actually sat down today and began to look through each question, it didn’t seem so bad (I was even able to come up with a few artistic qualities that I have!) I don’t know if I’ll get accepted or not, but either way, here we go! I am looking forward to trying new things and seeing what the future may hold.

I ended the night by getting sushi with a friend! It was great to go out and catch up, especially after a productive day. My current favorites: cucumber and avocado, and the Philly Roll, which has salmon, cream cheese, and avocado. I’m not brave enough to try any of the crazy kinds out there. If it has the words “raw fish eggs” or anything even remotely similar, count me out!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!

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