You know you’re a teacher when…

The following is a complication of things I’ve noticed while teaching, other teachers have shared with me, or a few I saw on Pinterest (as a teacher, of course Pinterest is involved!) I hope they provide you with a laugh today!

  • You have an urge to correct other children’s behavior at a restaurant or store
  • You find random things in your pockets while doing laundry, like paper clips and post-it notes
  • You have an endless supply of post-it notes
  • Seeing these put an instant smile on your face


  • After the mechanic fixes your car, you ask,” Are you sure you did your best work?”
  • You’re secretly addicted to hand sanitizer
  • You have have entire conversations with other teachers and not think anything of it when you see a text at 5:30am from a friend
  • You can go hours without using the bathroom- or are trained to go at two specific times: lunch + planning
  • You’re constantly writing something down on a to-do list
  • You automaticaly correct the grammer and punctuation in EVERYTHING you read (and you found the two errors in that sentence!)
  • You know a hundred reasons for being late
  • Seeing this time on your phone is your idea of waking up early

2-8-14 001

  • You call everyone around you “friends” or “boys and girls”
  • When the waiter comes back promptly with your order, you say “I like the way you did that so quickly”
  • You can eat lunch in ten minutes or less (while grading papers, checking e-mail, and sharpening pencils)
  • You show up 5 minutes early to everything
  • You’ve memorized the phone number announcing delays
  • You go to bed at 9pm every night (and it’s a struggle to stay up later than that on the weekends!)
  • Laminating is secretly one of your favorite things to do


  • It bothers you when people comment on your easy “7-3pm” job with summers off
  • You ask the quiet person at the party if they have anything to share with the group
  • Pinterest is the most visited site on your computer
  • You get excited when you see school supplies in the stores at the end of summer
  • It’s easier to just go to work than write sub plansbehavior chart
  • Organization is key- it’s all about color coding
  • You have used one of these before–>
  • You can tell if there is a full moon without having to look outside
  • Chocolate is its own food group
  • You wish caffeine was available in an IV form


  • You get just as excited (if not more!) for delays as students do
  • Seeing pictures of pizza or pies makes you think of fractions
  • You effortlessly carry two large bags, a lunch bag, three teacher’s manuals, a purse, coffee mug, and keys into school (and still have a free hand to open the door with)
  • You receive Christmas presents like this:

1-6-2014 001Question of the Day

What other teaching mantras have you heard?? You know you’re a teacher when…


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