Wedding Weekend

This weekend I headed up to PA for my college roommate and her fiancé’s wedding! It was a wonderful weekend and so great to be reunited with my friends again. I wish we all lived closer! I am so glad I could share in my friend’s special day- congratulations to them both!!

I arrived on Friday afternoon, and spent some time catching up and chatting with my friends before it was time to head to the wedding rehearsal. I actually sang a solo in the wedding this weekend, so I practiced with one of the bridesmaids, who was accompanying me on the piano. After much time spent looking on Pinterest, I stumbled across this song which I absolutely love! Since the bride and groom loved it as well when I showed it to them, we knew it was a winner. It’s called “When I say I do,” by Matthew West. So pretty! I’ve never sang it in a wedding before so I was a little nervous beforehand, but everyone told me it went really well and I was glad to be able to support my friend on her special day.


She played piano while I sang during the ceremony!

After the practice, we headed to From the Boot, an adorable restaurant just down the street, for the rehearsal dinner. The lower-level dining area was the perfect spot for a private rehearsal dinner. I loved the classy feel of the restaurant, and enjoyed talking with my friends over drinks and dinner.

On my plate: Bruschetta, assorted vegetables, and Caesar Salad. (They also had baked chicken and penne). Everything was delicious!


The night wouldn’t be complete without a little wine and chocolate! Dove chocolate is my favorite.



Lovely Ladies!


The bride also had a tote bag made for each bridesmaid, embroidered with their initials. Since I was singing in the wedding, she made me one as well! I love the size of these bags- perfect for a weekend away or for carrying the (few) hundred things that I take into school (seriously, I look like I am planning on staying for a week sometimes when I go in- You know you’re a teacher when…) She also added a picture of her with each of us in the bags as well, which I thought was a nice touch.


We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and getting ready for the next day! Saturday morning, the bride and bridesmaids headed to a salon nearby to get their hair and makeup done. So pretty!


The day flew by as everyone was getting ready- before we knew it, the photographer was snapping pictures and it was time for the wedding to begin!

With the beautiful bride!!



The wedding all went smoothly, and everything was so pretty! Ok, ever since I’ve watched 27 dresses (with Katherine Heigl), I always think about what the actress described her favorite part of the ceremony as. When the bride begins to come down the aisle, all of the guests rise and look at the bride as she makes her way down the center. In 27 dresses, she shares her favorite wedding tradition; when everyone looks at the bride, she turns to look at the groom’s face instead. The groom’s face always says it all- he is marrying the love of his life, and he couldn’t be happier. Since hearing that, I always have to glance at the groom’s face as he watches his bride walk towards him. Of course I look at the bride too- she is beaming, and ecstatic that this day has finally arrived. But I always have to look at the groom now, too. The next wedding you go to, take a minute to turn around, and glance at the groom’s face as he awaits his bride. All advice is given with the assumption you will bring several boxes of tissues!

The reception was held at the William Penn Inn in Pennsylvania. If you are ever looking for a reception area, I highly recommend this location! It was unbelievably gorgeous, both inside and outside. While the bridal party was taking pictures after the ceremony, everyone else headed to the reception for appetizers and a cocktail hour (sounding a little like Chris Harrison from the Bachelor at the moment… we’ll be handing out the final rose after this commercial break!)


Time to introduce the happy couple!


Kip Moore’s “Hey Pretty Girl” was the song they chose for their first dance. I was reminded how much I love that song after hearing it at the reception (so now, of course, it’s been playing on repeat for the last 3 days). When the bride danced with her dad, and the groom danced with his mom, they both invited other daughters and dads, or sons and their mothers, to come up and join them on the dance floor, which I thought was a nice touch.

Since my blog follows my life through teaching and running, but also (mostly!) healthy eating, of course I had to take pictures of the main meal that was served. I started off with a simple garden salad and fresh roll:

IMG_1619Guests were given four choices for their entrée, prior to that evening. The choices included: steak with a baked potato, salmon or chicken with mashed potatoes, and a vegetarian option. I selected the vegetarian option and was glad I did! (I don’t maintain a completely vegetarian diet; most of the time I do as I eat very little chicken and turkey and that’s it… but I always say I am vegetarian until I get a Purdue chicken taste test!! For those of you who don’t know, you can sign up to taste test various products for Purdue. Ten minutes of your time, twenty dollars when you leave. It’s a good deal in my book!) Ok, slightly off topic. Back to the dinner. The vegetarian option consisted of a lemon flavored risotto, topped with a variety of grilled vegetables, such as squash, mushrooms, asparagus, and peppers. It was so, so good! I am in the mood to make risotto soon now!


It was so much fun to be able to spend time with friends I don’t typically get a chance to see, and celebrate with the happy couple. They definitely had fun when it was time to cut the cake!!


It was a great night celebrating with the happy couple! Congratulations to them both!!



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