Keeping busy!

Good morning! It’s been forever since I wrote anything last… it’s been a busy few weeks over here! Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:


4-18-14 028



Waking up to run 14 miles at 5am! I completed this long run two weeks ago in preparation for my half marathon next weekend. It was the longest I’ve ever run at once before… it felt amazing when I was done though!! Although the rest of the day, I was drained- laid around and watched TV (which I never do), ate oatmeal for dinner, and was in bed at 8pm. My typical run is 5 miles…. so I guess going from 5 miles to 14 in one day might have been a little bit of a jump!



Last year my family hosted an exchange student from Germany. I was at college for most of the year, but was glad for the opportunity to spend time with her when I could and get to know such a sweet girl. She and her family are back visiting us for a few weeks, so we are excited to see her again! The weather was perfect last weekend, so a beach trip and walk on the boardwalk was a must!

4-18-14 091

4-18-14 088

Being near the beach makes me excited for summer!!

4-18-14 102

I’ve also been busy babysitting some of the cutest kids in the world:

Last weekend was filled with lots of bike rides, fun at the park, board games, and cookie making! And of course, trying to catch the dog after I let it outside, not realizing it had to be on a leash. Fitness tip: Running through ten neighbor’s yards is a great way to wake up and start your day on an active note! One of the younger girls was calling out the dog’s name when an airplane flew directly overhead. It was almost impossible to hear the girl as she called out the dog’s name, so she immediately looked up towards the plane and said “Shhhh!” as if it would hear her and quiet down. Spending time with any kids always makes me smile!!

4-18-14 046

I have off work until Tuesday, so I am looking forward to some much needed time off! I’ve had a couple of rough weeks at work so definitely need a break. My personality has always been one where I set very high standards for myself, so I can tend to stress myself out when I don’t reach my goals. Everyone around me has pointed out that it’s only my first year teaching, and it’s okay to not know how to do everything perfectly. It’s a learning process, especially my first year! Even seasoned teachers will have lessons that they wish they had done differently, and that’s okay. I stressed myself out way too much the last couple of weeks instead of being patient with myself and just taking a deep breath. I even questioned if I was in the right career, if I knew how to plan lessons, and if I could be an effective teacher.

why you started2

I had to actively choose to stop listening to the negative thoughts I was allowing to control my life and emotions. I’m so thankful for those around me that were there for me and have remained a consistent source of encouragement along the way. Many other teachers reminded me that they didn’t know how to do everything their first year- and still don’t always feel prepared! They also were so encouraging to me, letting me know what a great job I have been doing so far. And they are right- for a first year teacher, I have accomplished and learned a lot this year! It’s unfair to myself to set unrealistic standards… life is all about growing and learning along the way. This is only my first year of teaching, so I needed to be a little easier on myself. I know, without a doubt, teaching is where I need to be in life. I’m excited for what the future holds!

Speaking of the future… this girl just received her acceptance to Salisbury University’s graduate program!! I’m not sure if I will complete a Reading Instruction program or a more general Curriculum and Instruction one. I just met with a supervisor in the program this week though, so am more excited now to get things started.


Enjoy the rest of your Friday, friends!


Question of the Day

  • What’s been going on in your life lately?

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