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Startin’ off the week

Headed back to work today after a long weekend off! Apparently someone was more than ready to go back, because this girl woke up at 5, got up right away, and was ready waaay before I usually leave.

What to do with all that extra time?? Naturally, swing by Starbucks on the way to work! (Especially because we were out of regular coffee. Decaf just wasn’t going to cut it on the first day back to work… I love this picture!)



While I was there, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to help out someone else for my kindness of the week challenge. If you missed it, check out my last blog post here. After I ordered my coffee, I simply asked if I could pay for the next person’s order in the drive through. The cashier was a little taken aback, and didn’t really know what to say… or maybe it was just too early and he didn’t have his coffee yet either Smile


Either way, it felt awesome to do something kind for someone else before it was even 7am. The extra sleep over break must have been just what I needed, because I felt energized all morning and the day flew by! I had so much energy driving to work this morning, I was wishing that I had time to work out in the mornings. But a 3am wake up call is just not happening. Probably ever.


Even though the break was just a few days long, I missed my students and was glad to see them again today! During a reading lesson in the afternoon, one of my students worked so hard and exceeded my expectations the ENTIRE TIME. I couldn’t have been happier to see my student staying on-task, suggesting strategies to use, and taking responsibility for her own learning. Some days are easy, some days I think it’s highly unlikely I’ll make it until the end of the day!


But the days when my students remember how to multiply fractions independently; the days when my students use their vocabulary words on their own; the days when my students walk up and tell me how much they love me… those are the moments that make it all worth it. Never forget to stop and cherish those moments <3


After work, it was time for (you guessed it!) the gym- favorite part of my day!

4-22-14 001I kept things nice and simple, just taking one group exercise class. I am trying to take it easy so I am well rested for my 2nd half marathon this Saturday. On the agenda today: Pump and Tone. The instructor was one of my favorites and I am always challenged during her classes. I also take Body Pump from her frequently- if you’ve been following my blog, it’s no secret Body Pump is one of my favorite fitness classes to take!

In Body Pump, participants complete a variety of exercises that all work one muscle group for an entire song, and then switch to exercises that work a different muscle group. The order is always the same:

  1. Warm up
  2. Squats
  3. Chest
  4. Back
  5. Triceps
  6. Biceps
  7. Lunges
  8. Shoulders
  9. Abs
  10. Cool down/ stretching


Since the order is always the same, I am used to this routine; I know exactly what is coming next, what weight I use for each exercise, and how long each set will last. With Pump and Tone, the instructor changes the exercises that we complete each week, so every class is a surprise to me! I get into such a routine with so many things in my life, that I almost like not knowing what is coming next sometimes. I really have to challenge myself to give each set my all- I never know if it’s the last set or the second out of ten.


After the class, I was more than ready for dinner! I love driving home after a hard workout with the windows down and breeze blowing- it makes me look forward to summer all the more. On the menu tonight: grilled vegetables over brown rice.

4-22-14 020


Served with a side of the most delicious (and healthy!) bread ever. Recipe coming at you soon!

4-22-14 016


It’s been a long day… I may or may not be counting down the days until June 13th =)

Time to get some rest! Have a great night!


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