Daily Thoughts in the Life of a Teacher

Every day in the classroom brings new struggles, but also opportunities <3 If you don’t laugh through it all, you will go crazy! So with that, here are some of my thoughts each day! Can any teachers out there relate??


1. 5am?! This is too early to be getting up.


2. Ok, I’ve already hit the snooze button twice. I won’t have time to straighten my hair if I don’t get up now. I’m going to look like a mess. Ahhh okay I’m up.


3. Time to make coffee. OH NO WE’RE ALMOST OUT. Make a mental note to pick up more later… there’s no way I could teach all day without my coffee in the morning.


4. What should I wear today? Did I already wear these pants this week? I hope no one will notice. Ahh you’re wasting time.


5. Why do I have so many bags? Who possibly needs all this stuff in one day? This has got to count as a workout for my day. Oh man, do I need to stop and get gas on the way? That’s so annoying. Why didn’t I get it last night? That was lazy.


6. I think I have the billboards memorized on the way to school. Wait, is that a cop? Watch your speed, you really can’t afford (another) ticket! Why is it 55 here? No one’s ever going the speed limit. I should really live closer to school.


7. Yes! I made it. Ok, I have a few minutes before I need to be at breakfast duty. Stop checking your phone, be productive! Let’s see – how many things can I get done before then?


8. The bell already?! I shouldn’t have started doing anything… man, this happens every morning. It’s like my cue to walk down to the cafeteria. Here we go…. “mass chaos” is the only way to describe what I walk through every morning. All of the students are dismissed at one time to go to their homerooms, so they all come down the hallway at once… while I attempt to walk the other direction. At least I get to say Good Morning to tons of students!


9. Time for my first lesson of the day. I hope this goes ok. I should have reviewed my lesson plans this morning. But 5 was early enough to wake up. Should I review now? Oh wait, the kids are already coming in. Ok, here we go. Remember to greet everyone at the door- that helps to set the tone and mood for the classroom. Ahh I was writing something on the board and missed the first kid that came in. Now you’ll greet everyone but him. He’s going to feel left out. Maybe he won’t notice.


10. Start off with an exciting question to capture their attention. Don’t forget to take attendance. Yes, you can borrow a pencil. You have to go to the bathroom?! Are you kidding?? We just got here.


11. Let’s start off by reading pages 10-17 in our books today. Man, I really should have written the page numbers on the Smartboard for the visual learners. How could I forget that? At least we’re watching a video clip to target the visual learners later. Ok, you’re good. Wait- what do you have for the kinesethic learners? Nothing. Nothing?! What kind of teacher are you?


12. Was that my principal walking by?! Quick, pull it together. Look like you know what you’re doing. Have the students share with partners in case he’s watching. Partner work is always a safe bet.


13. Should I assign their partners? I want them to like me. Maybe they should pick their own. It looks like that group is getting side-tracked. Let’s move on. We should share whole-group. Do we even have time for this? This is important, just make time, CAN I HAVE A VOLUNTEER.


14. Over half the class time is gone already? Where did the time go? It’s because you let them work in partners, they always get chatty.


15. Ok, quick, they’re watching that video clip for a minute. What can I do to be productive? There is no way I am going to waste this 2 minutes and 47 seconds. I should walk around and monitor the students as they take notes. Which group do I pick first? This group looks confused. Oh wait, I always help them first, that’s too obvious. They’re going to feel bad. Will the other kids even notice? You’re overthinking this. You overthink everything. Speaking of overthinking, remember that funny article you read about all the things people overthink about? Wait, was what I doing? One group is already done. They need to do something while they wait. Good thing you prepped some “early finishers” work last night. Look at you.


16. You have to go to the bathroom AGAIN? You have got to be kidding.


17.“Alright, friends, today we’re going to be starting our new reading book! Let’s look at the front cover and make a prediction of what the book will be about. That’s right- whales!” I say as I show a picture of a large blue whale on the Smartboard. “Before we start reading, let’s think about everything we already know about whales. Pull out the first page of your reading packet, and make a list of anything you already know about whales on your KWL chart.” I smile as all of my students begin working quietly. One student raises his hand and asks, “Uh, Ms. Nelson, what are we writing about?” Really?! There is a huge picture of a whale on the board right now….


18.Yes, you can sharpen your pencil. We’ve been in school for months. I would think these kids would know by now they don’t need to still ask to use a pencil.


19.Well, that half an hour went by quickly! Ok, time to plan. What to do first… type up next week’s vocabulary words? Make that math quiz? Plan for guided reading? I can’t decide… wasting time won’t help anything! Just pick something and go with it! Wait, let me run down the hall and check this assignment with another teacher. Twenty minutes later….


20. Oops! I guess I should get back to my planning now… where was I?? Maybe you should stop by the bathroom on your way back. Teaching is all about taking advantage of time when you have it, after all. Oh wait, you were supposed to reply to that e-mail. Ok great, that’s done. Wait… my planning time is over! What did I even do? Guess I’ll be taking that home tonight…


21. Two more classes, you can do this! I’m exhausted. I could really use more coffee right now. If someone could make a Starbucks by my school, that would be great.


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