Field trip day!


Hey there! Halfway through the work week- woohoo!5-21-14 010



I’m becoming more and more of a morning person lately. I’m all about  getting up early and getting things done, but this morning I woke up        on my own at 4:30. That’s a little too early for me!! But getting up so  early meant I had time for this photo shoot before work….

5-21-14 013

After all, what else would I do with all that extra time?? I picked up this shirt from J. Crew a few weeks ago, and love how comfortable, yet versatile it is. It’s dressy enough for work, but I also wear it with jeans on the weekend.


Breakfast also found its way into my morning… this makes the first time all year long! Usually I’m good for a granola bar or apple while I’m driving to work (I am a breakfast person, but I would rather eat something on the way to work rather than wake up earlier than I already have to).


A field trip was on the agenda today at school! Our schedule has been so different lately from all the testing and now field trips. It’s always a nice change to get out of the classroom and spend time with your students just for fun. It lets you get to know them a little more, and see them interact with their peers outside of a classroom setting. We visited the Freeman Stage in Selbyville, DE to see the Rhythmic Circus perform.


5-21-14 021


11 artists, including tap dancers, guitar players, vocalists, and several other band members comprised this skilled group. They were energetic, creative, and highly talented. They played several songs using only beats from tapping their chairs and feet, and one band member surprised us with his beat boxing talent. When the group opened up the stage for questions at the end, one student raised his hand and shared that he thought he might be better than the performer onstage!! Enter a beat boxing contest between a professional and a 5th grader – he could hold his own though, so everyone got a kick out of that.

5-21-14 018


Our students loved it and we all had a great time! If you’re interested, they will be returning this weekend for a community performance. It’s free, outside, and fun for the whole family, making it the perfect weekend activity. Find out more information and directions on their website here.


By the time we got back to school and the students had lunch and recess, the day was almost over, so it really flew by. I can’t believe how close we are getting to summer, and the completion of my first year of teaching. I’m definitely excited to have completed my first year!!


Lesson planning time. Catch ya later!


Question of the Day

  • What’s your favorite field trip you’ve been on?



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