10 Day You Challenge

Hey there! 10 more days of school left before I am finished with my first year of teaching… the countdown is on!!


I stumbled onto this picture on Pinterest once before, and this week was reminded of it when I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Peanut Butter Fingers, feature this image on her blog as a survey. Thanks for the idea, PBFingers! She invited anyone to join in with her as she shares different information each time, so I’ll say the same thing to you! Feel free to follow along, and share some of your thoughts in the comment section each day.



I was going to go in order with these topics, featuring a blog post for each one, but I can’t think of 10 secrets about me at the moment. Not going in order is really going to shake up my OCD personality… but I’ll start with 6 places today! The following are either places I have been or would like to visit someday. Here we go!


First up –> North Carolina

Every summer, my dad’s side of the family all piles in our respective cars, following each other the whole way there. It’s always entertaining when one family gets stuck at a light, so another family pulls off to wait, and someone else waits for them – before we know it, the scene resembles one out of a three stooges movie. It’s always a fun time! There are 5 families total on our vacation; we usually stay for a week at a different area in the Outer Banks each year. This tradition has continued for probably 14 years now (I lose track, it’s been so long!) and it’s definitely one I want to keep with my own family someday. Summer 2013 009


There’s plenty of sun tanning (or burning, in my case!), lots of shopping, desserts, family dinners, and game nights. Each family chooses one night of the week to cook dinner for everyone else. This tradition has worked out great because after you take your turn cooking you don’t have to worry about anything the rest of the week!


I love running along the beach or nearby area, as the smell of salt water fills the air, with the sand in my hair, and the smell of sunscreen lingering. There’s just something about being at the beach that makes me feel immediately more relaxed and peaceful.


Scrabble is another long-time tradition for my family. After dinner most nights, my MomMom and aunts can be found around the table, each one studying their Scrabble tiles and checking words in the Official Scrabble dictionary, until the late hours of the morning. I never can make it that late, but the winner never lets her victory go by the wayside the next morning, so I always find out anyways!


There are so many wonderful memories that I’ve shared with my family at the Outer Banks. There was the time another beach-goer set up camp in front of our beach house; naturally, we all immediately trekked down, carrying towels, umbrellas, inner tubes, and boogie boards, dumping it all in a pile in front of our house, casually giving our neighbor the hint that this was our beach area. Don’t worry – we did let him stay too!


Then there was the year my cousin, sister, and I deemed it to be “picture year” – photos were taken at the beach, in the pool, at every store we went into, eating dinner, wearing matching flip-flops… you name it, we probably took a picture of it! I love looking back at our pictures years later, and remembering the laughter and fun times that we shared with one another.



The Kitchen Table

Really, the kitchen table is one of your favorite places?” Yes it is! And it’s not just because I love to eat, but it’s what happens on a regular basis that makes this a special place for me. On weekend mornings, there is always coffee brewing and I usually am able to spend time with my family, lingering over hot mugs of coffee and breakfast, while catching up or discussing the day’s plans. I love being up early in the morning, reflecting on the day ahead of me, just enjoying the silence before the day begins!

My mom is also an early riser as I am, so many times we’ve had entire conversations at 5:30 in the morning -my mom cutting out coupons on one end of the table, while I work on lesson plans at the other. These are little things, yes, but I truly believe to make life meaningful you have to cherish the little things in each day.


Growing up, family dinners were the norm in my household. Lots of families today have busy schedules and don’t have time to eat together, but my parents felt that this was important and always made it a priority in our daily routine. My mom was always full of fun (or so she thought =) dinner activities! Show and tell one night, a scavenger hunt to let us find a present she bought for one of us the next. We always shared how our days were and important things in our lives with one another. Every family member had a voice and I knew that we were always there for one another. It wasn’t all serious stuff – when I was little, I used to laugh so much I would fall off my chair (or so I’m told…)

Families today have lots going on – different sporting practices and events, jobs, working out, etc. so I completely understand that family dinners may not be attainable for you right now, and that’s okay. I would encourage you to choose a time to spend with each other whenever you are all available! Maybe you have Sunday morning breakfast together, maybe you have a game or movie night each week, and everyone can take a turn choosing the movie or game. One family I babysit for makes pizza and chooses a movie to watch together every Friday night. Whatever you go with, cherish that time together!


Well, this is already long enough, and so far we’ve only covered two places out of six! Other places I would love to visit:



White sand, crystal clear waters, and resorts on the beach? Why yes, I’ll take another Mai Tai, thanks for asking. Sign me up!!!


Cliché? Maybe. Do I want to go? Definitely. Ever since I was little, Paris has always been my ideal place to visit. I would also love to just go to England and France in general, but Paris has always stuck out in my mind!

The Grand Canyon

This has, and always will be, breathtaking to me. Just looking at pictures online to choose one to share with you, I was amazed by the natural beauty that can be seen… and spent a good half hour scrolling through looking at them! That was an effective use of my time, riiiight?

grand canyon


Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon

rock and roll


Featuring high-energy bands along every mile of the course, a concert afterwards to celebrate, and a two day race expo prior to the event with almost 100 different venues and companies, it’s no wonder this half marathon has found its way onto my bucket list! Currently this event is offered in 28 different cities across the country, including: Washington, D.C., San Diego, Nashville, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Virginia Beach, and many more. I’m looking forward to completing one in the future!


race 2


How fun does that look?! I just want to jump in there with them!

Question of the Day

  • Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?
  • Where is one place you would like to go someday?

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