A run on the Beach

Good evening! I hope your Monday was a productive one!

Moving right along to a quick recap of the day…

Protein packed was my lunch today! I’m trying to incorporate more protein into my diet; I’ve come to the realization that I eat too much fruit. I love it, but all day every day doesn’t provide enough variety of carbs, healthy fats, and protein. I’ll be looking on Pinterest later for some clean eating recipes! For lunch today, I tried out another new flavor of the Quest bars I picked up this weekend (Chocolate Peanut Butter this time!) and enjoyed it alongside a Chobani 100-calorie Vanilla yogurt. This easy meal kept me full for hours!

6-2-14 032


I’m so lucky to work only minutes from the beach, so after work I headed down to the B6-2-14 018oardwalk to get my run in. It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon and kick off the work week. I cannot believe the end of the year is coming to a close! I am beyond ready for summer days at the beach, but also doing my best to appreciate the time I have left with my students.


The weather was perfect this afternoon! I didn’t realize until AFTER my run that it is Senior Week in Ocean City… so that’s explains the seemingly excessive number of teenagers there.


6-2-14 020

I usually try to not stop on my runs, but sometimes it’s so pretty I can’t help but take a picture as I run by. Are you an outside runner, or a hard and fast stick to the treadmill runner? I take turns with both, depending on the weather and what I’m feeling that day!

6-2-14 028


Running across the bridge into Ocean City, with the breeze blowing, the sun shining, and the salt water smell filling the air, I felt the most relaxed that I have in days. Definitely planning on going back soon =)

6-2-14 029

I’m not sure how far I ran – I forgot my Garmin watch, and tried to use the Nike Running Club App, but I guess taking pictures and switching my music during the run threw off the app so it wasn’t on for the whole time. I am guessing that I ran around 3.5 miles. Not too bad!


Currently looking up clean eating recipes on Pinterest – any good suggestions?? And watching the Bachelorette, of course. I’m much more impressed with Andi than I was with the last season. Any fellow Bachelorette fans out there??


Stay tuned for another part of our 10 Day You Challenge tomorrow!


Question of the Day

What was the best part of your Monday?


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