10 Day Challenge: Eight Fears

Continuing on with our 10 Day Blog Challenge, I’m coming at ya today with 8 fears!

Ready for some honesty?? Here we gooo!


Disappointing Others

I HATE making mistakes in general because I am a perfectionist, but especially if someone else has asked me to do something that I mess up, I always feel so bad! Growing up, I never wanted to make my parents upset – when I was younger, all my dad had to do was look at me and I would completely change my mind about whatever I was asking to do. My older sister would always make fun of me for this! I just hate disappointing others, especially when they are counting on me.


Not being able to have kids someday

I love spending time with kids! When I see a little kid walk by at the gym, I run faster on the treadmill. When one of my students comes up and gives me a hug, telling me they missed me over the weekend, it makes my entire day. In fact, I love kids so much, when I was little (maybe around 10 years old?) I asked if I could invite younger children to my birthday party. No, I didn’t want any friends my age there! I just wanted to spend time playing with little kids. I invited several that I knew, and wrote out a whole schedule of events for the afternoon. Children are so precious! Don’t get me wrong – I’m definitely not ready for kids yet! But someday, when I am, if I ever weren’t able to have them, I know I would be upset.

5-1-14 024

With my new baby cousin!


It’s a fact of life that we won’t always get along with everyone. However, when conflict does arise, I am the last one to initiate any kind of confrontation. In fact, I run the other way! Literally… when people confront me about something or are rude, I get so nervous I can barely say anything back. Then I walk away and think, “Stand up for yourself!” Still waiting on that one to happen haha.


Something happening to my family

You don’t have to go far to come across bad news or a tragic story – on TV, in the news, or in magazines. It’s so easy to think, “That will never happen to me,” or feel awful for the people in that situation, all the while somehow thinking you are invincible. Whenever I do stop to think about something actually happening to my family or friends close to me, I get so upset just thinking about it. I couldn’t imagine life without the people I love and care about most!


I am a perfectionist. Do I do everything perfectly? No, of course not. Yet I still place these high, sometimes unrealistic standards on myself the majority of the time. I strive to do my best in whatever I do, but the fear of not doing something well is still there.


Bugs! And Creepy Crawly Critters

I cannot stand any kinds of bugs… spiders, cockroaches, etc. To put it simply, they are gross and just freak me out!




Someone breaking into the house

This is another fear I’ve just always had. You always hear about crazy stories that have happened, and I can’t think about them for too long or I start to get really freaked out. I was a nervous wreck while watching the movie Taken!


Public Speaking

I have always hated having to talk in front of others, whether it was giving a group presentation, or simply raising my hand to share an answer in class. I could be looking directly at the answer in the textbook (so I didn’t have to worry about being wrong!) and I still would feel so uncomfortable raising my hand to talk at all. As I went through college, this fear subsided a little bit, and I found myself being the first to share in groups, or contributing my experiences and thoughts during classes. I still get very uncomfortable having to talk in front of others, though. I would so much rather be the person to take notes or keep things organized than have to share.

This fear might seem to contradict my love of teaching; however, when I am teaching, I feel completely different! I feel at ease, relaxed, and have no problem talking in front of any number of kids. I think, again, this just goes back to my love of children! When an adult walks in the room for an observation, though, that’s a different story! When it is just me with my kids, though, I feel completely at ease.


Question of the Day

  • What are some of your biggest fears??

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