For my Dad

I started this Father’s Day post earlier (oh you know, back by Father’s Day…), and never got around to publishing it. I know it’s late, but better late than never, right?

6-15-14 075

Sorry for the poor image quality – I love this picture so had to share anyways!

My dad has always been an inspiration for me. I can recall many fun memories of times spent with my dad growing up: building Lego towers to the ceiling, going on my first roller coaster with him, and riding in the sled on snow days as he pulled us in his lawn mower (yes, really – when there are no hills where you live, you have to get creative!)


My dad has always been there for me. He was my number one supporter when I thought I wanted to be a nursing major my first year in college. I couldn’t pass an anatomy and physiology test if my life depended on it, but my dad never stopped encouraging me. He didn’t tell me I couldn’t do it or should try something else; he instead helped me figure out my college loans, looking at all my options to allow me to try the class again. Others in my life encouraged me too during this time, but my dad stands out to me as the one person who was a consistent source of inspiration and my biggest supporter during the time.


In a previous post, What are you waiting for, I shared how I don’t always take the time to think about things before I just go right for them. My dad has always been so helpful with this! He has sat down with me more times than I can count, helping me weigh the pros and cons of any choice I needed to make and really taking the time to think about my options. We always laugh because my dad makes a spreadsheet for everything – for college, buying a car, taxes and budgeting – you name it, he has probably made a spreadsheet for it! Even though I laugh at this sometimes, it has really helped me to stop and think about a decision before I just go for it.


My dad has shown me what it means to respect your wife; because of him, I know how I should expect a man to treat me. This may be why I have really high expectations for others! My dad has shown me what it means to love others unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. My dad has shown me what it means to be self-sacrificial. He will literally park five miles away anywhere we go, just to “leave spaces for others who come after us.” I’m over here like, “if someone wants a close parking spot, it’s called set your alarm and get here early,” but my dad never has expressed a negative thought towards others!


My dad is so skilled with building things as well. He finished our third-floor bedroom for me to have, including a built-in bookshelf in my room! He has made end tables, TV stands, a desk, bookcases, classroom mailboxes and more! I always tell him someday he can make my crib or changing table for me.


Fun times painting together!

Even though I’m older now, I’ll always be his little girl who loves and needs her dad.

6-15-14 084

I love you, Dad! I’m continually blessed by the support and encouragement you bring to my life.

Question of the Day

What do you love about your dad?


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