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The Season for Changes

Good Morning! Another weekend is here already – what are your weekend plans? I’m celebrating some good news with a friend tonight so I’m looking forward to that!

I went for a shorter run today, completing 4.2 miles outside. As long as I’m not running with others, I typically listen to music when running. Music provides a distraction, is motivating, and helps me get out the door and move! Here is a snapshot of what I listened to on today’s run. I like my country music, even when I run!



1. Play Hard– David GuettaRunning playlist

2. We Are Tonight– Billy Currington

3. Chillin’ It– Cole Swindell

4. This is How We Roll– Florida Georgia Line

5. The Man– Aloe Blacc

6. Turn Down for What– DJ Snake & Lil Jon

7. Ready Set Roll– Chase Rice

8. Happy– Pharrell Williams

9. Boom Clap– Charli XCX

10. American Kids– Kenny Chesney



The weather is perfect this morning – it’s not too hot yet, so I’m sitting on my deck enjoying a cup of coffee and blogging. Naturally, the cooler weather makes me look forward to fall.

Summer 2014 201


I love fall. I love it for the cool, crisp weather. For the day it’s time to break out your boots (which ones first?!) For pumpkins, apples, and leaves. When the leaves begin to change, it reminds me that it’s a new season, and there’s just something so invigorating about starting anew, getting a fresh start.

The beginning of anything new can be intimidating, for sure. But it can also be exciting. I will have a busy fall with several new changes. I am a little nervous, but looking forward to everything!


New Blog Name

Having completed my first year of teaching, the name “ABC”s of a First Year Teacher” doesn’t really apply anymore. Stay tuned for a new name soon!!

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you may remember the Things I’m Loving Lately post a few months back. Starting this month, I’ll be sharing a “Things I’m Loving Lately” post at the end of each month. (All the blogging advice I read says to be consistent with when you blog – so starting with this, you can expect to follow along with some things that made me smile each month!) Feel free to play along and let me know what things you are loving lately, too.


Graduate Classes

Beginning this fall, I’ll be taking the first step in pursuing my Master’s in Education from Salisbury University. Since I will still be teaching full time this fall, I am just taking one class at a time, at least for now. Even more experienced teachers have told me I will be busy and one is more than enough! I’m starting with one of the required classes to get that out of the way – I’ll be taking Diversity in a Democracy. It sounds like it will be an interesting course and very applicable. Students learn in such a variety of ways, and especially in Special Education, I’m always needing to find ways to meet my students’ needs in a diverse population. I’ll be a teacher by day and student by night! My course will only be once a week though (for several hours at a time), so hopefully I won’t be too overwhelmed taking a class while teaching full time, too.


A New School Year

This past year, I taught 5th grade Special Education. This year, I will be working with 6th graders. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with lots of the same students I taught last year. Last year, I mainly worked with several students 1-on-1 or in a small group, as well as teaching guided reading groups each day. This year my schedule will be pretty different – instead of pulling students out to work with them more individually, I’ll be going into the classrooms to help students out in there instead. I’ll be co-teaching with the general education teachers, leading literature circles, holding IEP meetings, keeping up with lots of paperwork, and I’m not sure what else yet! I’m really excited to spend more time in the classrooms this year, though, and have an opportunity to work with so many more students.

Since I will be responsible for a significant more number of students this year, I’m a little bit nervous about being able to complete all of the paperwork and get everything done that I need to. I’m excited to see what the new year will bring though, and am choosing to look forward with a positive mindset even though it will be different than what I’m used to. I’m sure the year will be a great one! The break has definitely been nice, but I’m ready to go back and get into a routine again. I keep reminding myself to enjoy the time off while I have it, because I have a feeling I’ll be pretty busy this fall.


It’s Moving Time!

I am moving at the beginning of next month, so I’ve been busy organizing and packing with my time off these last couple weeks. I’m having fun shopping and looking at decorating ideas! I always get sucked in by the little kitchen supplies in stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I’m sure they make those things to distract people like me… I know I don’t neeeed this miniature spatula, but ohmygosh it’s just so cute. I did, however, pick up these polka-dot knives already, so really what else would I need, right?!


Happy Friday!! Enjoy your weekend!


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