Race Recap – Across the Bay 10K

Last Sunday I joined over 20,000 other runners to run across the Bay Bridge. It was the first time a run has been held across the Bay Bridge, so it was exciting to participate in their inaugural event!

11-15-14 016

I picked up my shirt and race number the day before. I love the design of this shirt!

11-15-14 017

 I headed up bright and early on Sunday morning before the race. Coffee and a banana served as a quick breakfast in the car on the way! Usually I eat more than that before a race, but it was too early to think about that.

We parked nearby and took a bus across the Bridge since we were starting on the other side. I thought this part of the morning would be chaotic, but it wasn’t at all! They had more than enough buses for all of the runners, and staggered our start times so we weren’t all running at once. I lined up with many other runners behind the start line, and only waited for a few minutes before beginning. It was just long enough to snap some pictures, use the bathroom, and throw off my fleece jacket to donate.

11-15-14 036

The first two miles of the run were a gradual uphill climb. It didn’t feel that steep to run up since it was so gradual; mile 2 was still my favorite though since we started to run downhill at that point. The course continued on a downhill slant for the next couple of miles, before tapering off and staying pretty even for most of the duration of the race.

11-15-14 043

I do wear a Garmin watch when running, tracking my pace, distance, and total time. I try not to look down at it too often, I try to just run and look at my mile splits later to see how I did. If I were to look down at my watch every few minutes or even seconds to make sure my pace was consistent, that would take the fun out of running for me. The point of running for me is that I’m not thinking about it; my best runs are always the ones where I get out there and think about everything but running the whole time. If I start thinking about how fast (or slow) I’m going, how much longer I have left, how cold it is, etc. I lose my motivation a whole lot faster. So the moral of that story is I don’t look at my watch much when running!

I did glance down around mile 1.5 just to see how far we had gone. Alright, I can do this. Three songs later, my watch still said 1.5 miles! Well, I’m either running in circles or my watch isn’t working. I tried to restart it, but it didn’t seem to be working so I just ignored it and kept going! Even though I don’t look at my watch too much, I still like knowing that I can look down every so often to check my pace. Since I couldn’t see my pace, I had no idea if I was running 5 minute miles or walking (OK, so I’m pretty sure I wasn’t running 5 minute miles even without having my watch to verify that…) but I still had no idea of my pace.

11-15-14 044

Obviously I was going so fast they couldn’t track my pace….

I actually liked this though because the focus was only on running then; not my pace, not my time, not how many miles I had left. It felt refreshing to run across the bridge with so many others, looking out at the beautiful scenery, and just enjoying being on a run.

11-15-14 063

My official time was 56:34. I’m ok with that, especially because I didn’t train and have barely run this fall. The school year has kept me busy and it’s been hard for me to find time (or energy!) to work out since going back to school. 11-15-14 057

This was probably one of my favorite races to date! Running across the bridge was such a different course than most races, so the time seemed to go by faster. Looking out over the water, seeing reflections of the sun glistening over the surface, was beautiful and definitely made the run more enjoyable.

11-15-14 047

After the run, they had lots of tents and venues set up where you could purchase food, clothing items, and drinks. I stayed for awhile, talking to family and friends that I saw. Of course lots of pictures were taken!!

11-15-14 031

11-15-14 060

You can sign up to get on the wait list for next year’s Across the Bay 10K here: Race sign-up. The official date has not been announced yet, so that is the only downside to pre-registering now. I already signed up the day after and am already looking forward to next year!

Let’s Chat!

Did you complete the Bay Bridge run?? If so, I’d love to hear your take on the race! Feel free to share in the comments section below.

If you didn’t participate, what’s one race you’re looking forward to next?


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