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Snow Day #17

photo (2)

Besides last week and this one, it seems as though we’ve had a million snow days. I went to school one day last week (with a delay!) and only worked two days this week. The first snow day is always fun –  I always say there is no excited like a teacher with a snow day excited. Sleeping in and drinking coffee until noon, catching up on school work or doing some baking, while looking up to see the snow perfectly glistening on tree branches. Always a much needed break! However, after several snow days in a row, the fun wears off and I’m ready to get into a normal routine again.

My snow days have consisted of drinking my body weight in coffee and going to the gym. Besides getting some good workouts in, it’s been a pretty unproductive few days over here.

A snow day equals a movie day, right? I saw the sports drama McFarland in theaters this week, starring Kevin Cosner.  It was inspired by a true story, following the journey a coach takes to turn around a team of high school boys into a track team, eventually winning state championships later that year. I love inspirational movies, especially ones with teachers. After watching the coach motivate his players to be more, to be the best they could be, I was inspired to go back to work and get things going again! I’ve had a few challenging days lately trying to do a lot at once. Instead of feeling discouraged by the challenges and running away from them, it’s time to run over them.

There was the special 2-night Bachelor special on TV this week, so I used wasted seven hours of my life watching that. Quality TV right there, people. Any Bachelor fans out there?? Each week, I think for sure some of those women can’t get any crazier … and then they do! Both of the women that are remaining for the final week seem more genuine, though.

My mom picked me up some chocolate last week, so I’ve been trying all of the kinds.

photo (5)

I had this great idea to actually measure out what a serving size would be in plastic snack size baggies, so that way I wouldn’t eat half the bag of M&M’s at once. This works really well, until you have more than one snack bag at a time.

photo (6)

I actually did like doing this, though! It helped to measure out what a serving size is so I had at least a general idea of what I was eating. It’s all about that balance!

I’ve also had time to experiment in the kitchen! I first tried the Egg White and Oatmeal Protein Pancake from Julie at PBFingers pictured below. With only a few ingredients, it was quick and easy to throw together in the morning. I added in slightly more egg whites than her original recipe called for and omitted the Splenda. The combination of the egg whites and oatmeal provided 30 grams of protein – since I am a vegetarian, I am always looking for new ways to incorporate protein into my diet. This kept me full for hours afterwards and fueled me through a day of teaching and a workout later. A winning combination in my book! I liked it so much, I decided to try Julie’s Green Protein Pancake and added several handfuls of spinach before blending it all together for some added nutrition. Once you get past the bright green color, it really tasted pretty good! It just makes you feel healthy eating too; I mean, it’s green, so it HAS to be good for you, right?!

photo (5)

photo (4)

Sorry to those of you who couldn’t enjoy the snow days this week and actually had to work. The snow is melting so it’s time to get back to it on Monday morning. Enjoy your weekend!!


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