Lower Body Circuit Workout

I was lifting at the gym yesterday when an elderly man came in the weight room, wheeling his oxygen tank behind him. Nope, no typos, you read that correctly. He parked it by a weight bench, picked up a pair of dumbbells, and started right off with a set of bicep curls. At first I was concerned for his safety, like is it safe to exert yourself that much when you’re on an oxygen tank. But then I thought, that’s actually kind of awesome. And if he can do that, then you can absolutely power through this set of squats so let’s go. With a new sense of determination, I finished the circuit workout that I’m featuring today!

I completed it last week as well, and was sore for 3 days afterwards. Since it’s only 5 exercises, it might not look like much, but trust me, by the end of it your heart rate will be up and you will be working!!

Lower Body Circuit Workout

By the end of 10 rounds of this I was dripping sweat on the weight bench and gym floor. That could also be due to the fact that I never do squats so I’m tired after doing like 5. Either way, I felt like I was sneaking in a little cardio, too, and who doesn’t love multitasking??

Ready to try? Let’s break it down:

Leg Extensions—> I completed these using our leg extension machine at the gym. These are a great exercise that will directly target your quads!

Bulgarian Sumo Squats—> I held a 25lb. dumbbell as I completed the squats. Every time I completed a rep, I lifted the weight to shoulder height, completing an upward row to incorporate a little shoulder work. The trick with these is to keep your back as straight as possible, and each time you squat, visualize squatting down against a wall so your back stays straight.

Deadlifts—> I like to perform a kind of deadlifts called Romanian Deadlifts (RDL if you want the gym abbreviation) because I love how they directly target my hamstrings.

Barbell Glute Raises—> These ones can be a little awkward to complete. Eye contact not advised. On my last couple of sets, I held the bar up at the top (not sure how long –  approximately 30 seconds or a minute) and you will really be able to feel it. Embrace the burn, baby!

Sit-ups—> I completed these using the decline chest press bench. Laying down on the bench, I held a medicine ball at chest height to add a little extra as I performed each rep. Feel free to modify these or complete on an exercise mat instead of on the decline bench.

Links to some of the exercises:

Sumo squats

Romanian Deadlifts

Barbell Glute Raises

Hope you enjoy this circuit workout if you try it! Short on time? Increase the weight you use for each exercise to make sure you’re challenging yourself, then complete 5 sets instead of 10.

I’m off to school to start setting up my classroom for the fall. I’ll be sure to share pictures with you all once the room is decorated and things are organized. Have a wonderful day!

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