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Just Another Monday

I know what you’re thinking: two blog posts within a few days?! We are on a roll over here!

My day yesterday started nice and early at 5 a.m. Driving to work when it’s still dark outside sometimes seems like it’s just too early to be starting the day. I do love quiet mornings though – it’s peaceful and a perfect time to get things done. One of my students brought in chocolate peanut butter fudge for the class that he had made over the weekend, just to be nice. Let me tell you, it was amazing, and a nice surprise on a Monday! He even made a cupcake to bring in separately for one student with an allergy – how thoughtful is that? I have the best students!!

I actually left work early (well, early for me!) and headed out right at 3 p.m. for a doctor’s appointment. There’s this one spot in my upper back that hurts, and it seems to just always be sore. I figured I should stop going to the chiropractor for quick fixes and see if anything was going on with the doctor. He told me the front of my shoulder was actually really tight, which was putting pressure on one of the muscles in my back and neck. He asked me to hold my arm up like I was going to pitch a ball, and this simple motion felt so easy on the left side, but surprisingly painful on the right. I’m right handed, so there goes my baseball career.

Clearly I’m kidding! He showed me simple stretches I can do to alleviate the pain and we will see if that’s helped in a couple of weeks; if not, I’ll check in with the chiropractor again. This is the main stretch he suggested that I do each day. As shown in the picture, you place your hand on the wall palm up and rotate your body away from the wall to feel a stretch in the front of your shoulder. I never stretch as much as I should. Anyone else guilty of that??

He told me to take it easy and not exert myself too much, so naturally I’m about to head to the gym now (I assume “take it easy” is code for “load up that bar at the gym”).

In all seriousness, though, being a little sore isn’t an excuse in my book to stay home and never workout. Of course there’s a difference between knowing when you need to let yourself rest, and when you need to put excuses aside and get it done anyways.

My thoughtful co-worker gave me a Starbucks gift card for my birthday last week, so after my appointment I swung by for my afternoon energy boost. Good thing I had a gift card, because at the rate I go to Starbucks, it’s probably cheaper to invest in an espresso machine at this point. I think it would look nice in the kitchen.

I also had a coupon for a free lip gloss at Ulta as a birthday reward with their loyalty program, so I ran into Ulta as well while I was out. If you’re not part of their rewards program, I definitely recommend it! It doesn’t cost anything to join and you simply accumulate points every time you shop, earning coupons and rewards over time. They always send you a coupon for a free birthday gift too, and they’re legit – last year I got a full size CK mascara.

lip gloss

(Careful, that store can be dangerous!) So many fun things to try in there! I am constantly looking for an eyebrow pencil or gel that still looks natural, and haven’t found one I’ve loved yet. If you’ve see me out in public, that’s why my eyebrows look different on a daily basis. Trial and error people! Really though – I keep trying different products on them (gel, pencil, shadow, etc.) Any suggestions are welcome!

I finally decided to go with this eyebrow pencil. We’ll see how it works!


I stopped at home to let my beautiful girl out, feed her, and type up this blog post while drinking my coffee.


Afterwards, I headed to the gym for a shoulder and triceps workout. Now it’s time to relax a little bit. Have a great night!

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