Across the Bay 10K, Round 2!

Hello and Happy Wednesday! How is your week going?

On Sunday morning, I woke up at the lovely hour of 4 a.m. and drove up to Annapolis. No, not to get a head start on Christmas shopping. (Although I am excited this year!! Usually I’m one of those people trying to be the voice of reason – let’s at least wait for Thanksgiving before we start decorating. Not this year – bring on peppermint flavored everything, hallmark movies for days, and Christmas music!)

I drove to Annapolis to participate in the 2nd annual Across the Bay 10K. Last year I ran the bridge race in their inaugural event, completing 6.2 miles during the race. I had a great time, so was excited for the race again this year!


I set out some clothing options the night before.  Does anyone else have this problem? I figured it all fit in the bag, so why not bring 10 different options?


Good to go!

4 a.m. is way too early to do anything besides drown my face in a pot of coffee, so I brought breakfast to go. I ended up having the banana a little while before the run began. Everyone is different, whether they prefer to eat hours before a race, have something small before, or eat after, so finding what is the easiest and works for you will contribute to race-day success!

race breakfast

We parked at Chesapeake College, and took one of the shuttle buses over the Bay Bridge to the start line. The transportation was very well planned as we didn’t have to wait at all to head over once we boarded the bus. I registered in the 3rd wave, based on the anticipated pace per mile I thought I would run. You are allowed to start in a later wave, and since other runners I was with were in a later wave, I ended up starting in wave 7 or 8.


The views were beautiful the morning of the race! While I was a little cold waiting to start, I quickly warmed up once the race began.



I started running the race with my mom, and we ran together until mile 4 or 4.5 when I left her in the dust we lost each other along the way! It was so nice having someone to run with for most of the time. When we were on the bus to head over, I realized that I forgot my Garmin watch to track my pace and distance. During the race, I didn’t know how fast (or slow!) I was going, so I just enjoyed the views and kept a relatively comfortable pace. Sometimes it can be nice to just run, and not get caught up in constantly checking your pace or time. I appreciated the beautiful morning, views, and the ability to run.


Scenic views along the way!

Around mile 4.5, my foot started to hurt. I didn’t realize why until after the race, when I remembered I had gotten 3 cortisone shots in my foot earlier this fall. The most I had run after getting the shots was 3 miles at one time, so the longer distance may have just put too much pressure on my foot. It was pretty sore afterwards on Sunday, but it felt much better on Monday morning. I haven’t run since and am making sure to take a break before running on it again.


We did it!


I love the race shirts this year! They incorporate the Maryland flag on the side of one sleeve, and a bridge design on the other side. Every runner that completes the race also receives a medal at the finish line. The medal from this year interlocks into the side of the medal from last year – I think it would be so cool to frame the medals after you have several that you can fit together. Sounds like a Pinterest idea to me!


The results were posted almost instantly, and I like that you receive such a detailed report about your results. Your results include your official race time, pace per mile, chip and gun start times, age and division place, and how many runners you passed/passed you during the race. Since I haven’t been running as much lately, my goal was just to finish and have fun, so I was happy with my time.


After the race, I hung out at their after party for awhile with other runners that I knew who had also participated. It was a fun morning and I am already planning on signing up again for next year!

Let’s Chat!

  • Did you run the Bay Bridge race this year or last?
  • Favorite race you’ve done?

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