Discount Code For 2016’s 10K Across The Bay Race + The Time I Returned My Own Jeans To The Store

Last week, I stopped by American Eagle to pick up a new pair of jeans. After getting home and trying them on, of course I decided they were too big and would rather have a smaller size. I threw the jeans in the bag the next morning, along with the tag and receipt. I ran by the store after work and quickly exchanged my pair for the smaller size I wanted. Quick and easy!


Well, not quite. Later that night, I was doing laundry and picked up a pair of jeans, folded on top of a storage container in my room, to throw in the washer as well. Imagine my surprise when I realized they were the original pair of jeans that I had bought.


“If I have the jeans here I thought I returned, then what DID I return at the store today?”


I realized that instead of returning the original pair of jeans, I had instead taken back a pair of my own jeans to the store!! Yes, I really exchanged an old pair of my jeans for a new pair. Clearly I am ready for Christmas break. In my defense, the jeans were the same style and wash, just different sizes.


I was surprised that the girl assisting me at the store didn’t realize that I had handed her a pair of worn-out jeans. Or that I didn’t realize when I put them in the bag to return. I called the store the next day, and was able to talk to the same cashier that was working that day before when I returned the jeans. She said my jeans were still sitting in the return pile, so I went back that afternoon and exchanged the original pair for my own jeans back. I’m glad that they thought it was funny, and I’m sure a first for them, too!


My second, more exciting piece of news, is that I will be partnering with the 10K Across the Bay race as a race ambassador this year! I completed the run across the Bay Bridge both in 2014, their inaugural year, and again this past November. The next annual race isn’t until November 6th next year, but it’s never too early to start thinking about your fitness goals for the new year!

Bay Bridge


I had a great time running this race, thought it was well organized, and enjoyed the scenic views the course provided. Check out my recap from 2014 and from 2015 to read about my race experiences! The length of the race, 6.2 miles, is the perfect distance to challenge yourself, especially if you’re not interested in committing to a longer race yet, like a half-marathon or marathon.



Here’s the fun part! By entering the following code at checkout when you register for the race, you can receive $5 off the registration fees. Who doesn’t love saving a little money, especially with the holiday season upon us? Simply enter the code “AMBNELSONA16” at checkout. Click this link to register today!



Feel free to contact me at and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, or provide further information about the race or my experiences.


Happy Running!


Let’s Chat!

  • Have you registered for any races for next year yet?
  • Did you complete the Across the Bay 10K in either 2014 or 2015? Share your experience below!

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