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Friday Favorites #1

Hello, and Happy Friday! What’s on the agenda for your weekend? Today on the blog I’ll be sharing some things I’m loving lately with you all, and some of my current favorite things. Feel free to play along and share something you’re loving lately in the comments section following this post. I’d love to hear what is making you smile this week!


I typically go through phases with my favorite foods, and when I find one I like, I eat it over and over again, until I find a new favorite. (My family and friends can attest to this). Currently I’m loving risotto (Aborio rice). I love risotto because you can mix any ingredients in for different combinations. Butternut squash, asparagus, mushrooms, spinach, brussels sprouts… you name it, it can be added!




Creamy, filling, and an easy way to sneak a serving (or two!) of veggies in makes this the perfect dinner dish. I originally found a recipe for risotto on Pinterest, from the Recipe Girl’s blog. I sauted onions and a clove of garlic, adding in the risotto and vegetable broth. After the risotto is fully cooked, I add any vegetables I have on hand or am feelin’ at the moment. My current go-to combination is butternut squash with brussels sprouts (roasted in the oven ahead of time). The only downside about this dish is the preparation – you have to stir the risotto over a lower heat frequently, so you can’t set the timer and walk away. This one requires you to pretty much stand right there while it cooks… but I say it’s the perfect time to enjoy a glass of wine while you wait!


Dry Shampoo

There’s those days you get up early, coordinate your shoes with your jewelry, and have extra time to go by starbucks before heading into work. Then there’s those days you hit snooze four times, and mentally calculate how many more minutes of sleep you can squeeze in, before you absolutely have to get up. If I get up now, I’ll have time to straighten my hair. If I hit snooze, I’ll just throw it in a ponytail. One more time, I’ll just wear mascara today and skip the rest…

We’ve all been there. It’s seemed harder than ever to wake up lately, so thank goodness for dry shampoo! I saw other bloggers and Instagram users rave about it for the longest time, and finally threw it in my cart one day at Target. (Because when you go to Target, you buy ALL THE THINGS.) One spray and I was hooked! It quickly gives your hair a fresher look, and smells good, too. It’s also good for when you’re running errands after a gym sesh or on weekend mornings.

dry shampoo


Time away with girlfriends

Last weekend, I headed up to Pennsylvania to enjoy the weekend with a close group of girlfriends, for this lovely lady’s bachlorette party! Since we don’t live near each other, it’s difficult to see each other often. I’m always so grateful for the time we get to spend together. We visited the gorgeous winery below, enjoyed a fancy dinner out, and had a wonderful weekend catching up and celebrating together. I love getting together with these ladies and wish we all lived closer!!


What If of Hershey



Cacao powder

I’ve been making smoothies with a banana, cacao powder, almond milk, ground flaxseed, peanut butter, and a few ice cubes. The addition of the cacao powder makes the smoothie taste like chocolate, but since it’s a superfood, this smoothie is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, making it the perfect way to recharge during the day. Any meal or snack that tastes like chocolate is a winner in my book!


cacao powder

You can find cacao powder at your local health food story, the healthy section of a grocery store, or the Vitamin Shoppe (where I found mine!) Excuse the ripped bag in the picture – I was so excited to try it, I couldn’t open it neatly…


Let’s Chat!

What are you loving this week?


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